WARNING; This site contains adult material of a graphically sexual nature. If you are under the legal age of consent, do not wish to see this or are otherwise forbidden by law, morals or religion from observing this material, please exit now.

For the rest of you, welcome.

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Pagans have always been more open about sexual matters than are our xian associates who have the advantage of knowing that sex is sinful and therefore more fun and so they enjoy it more. But for a religion or a group of religions that elevates sexual attitudes to a sacrament, most of us are woefully repressed.
I recall a former HPS of mine who once purchased a statue of the Horned God only to notice that He was missing a 'vital' part of His anatomy. The clerk told her that He simply wasn't 'aggressivly masculine'. Now my HPS, being a Gardnerian Witch, saw nothing wrong with the Horned God being either 'aggressive' or 'masculine' and would gladly have performed her pleasurable duty had He asked her. But she purchased the statue anyway along with some clay and called her ex-boyfriend to describe the missing member so that she could replace that which human prudishness had removed.
I also recall a letter from "Pagan X" who lamented the lack of pagan orientated erotica and requested people to send some to him/her for a book s/he was writing. Apparently no one responded as the work was never written.
And one pagan HPS I know described to me a Beltane party she held where the guests would be read pagan erotica while being massaged until they chose to.... She mentioned that no one showed for the party.

It is to these people that this site is dedicated.

This site is NOT here to encourage middle-aged perverts but to allow well- adjusted pagans to express their own erotic desires in a healthy and socially acceptable manner condusive with the natural attitudes of the Pagan religions.

Since few have sent in anything (and most of the writings I receive are very bad porn), I am adding whatever I can find that may or may not be relevant. Feel free to submit your own material for this page.

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Assistance with an erotica submission, please

NOTE:By now you may have noticed that this page is not yet fully operational. This is because I am still collecting material. Once I have enough, I will transfer it to these pages.
But I NEED YOUR HELP to do this. I need submissions. These submissions may be:

  1. Art, either ancient or modern.
  2. Poetry.
  3. Stories and fiction.
  4. Personal experiences.
  5. Humor
  6. Advice
  7. Photographs
  8. Essays and articles.
  9. Historical art such as Greek, Japanese or Tantric
  10. Your imagination can run wild.

The only rule is that the material must be of a Pagan or magickal nature.

However, having said that, here are some guidelines that I would ask you to follow.

  1. Art and photos may be graphic as to imitate ritual and belief. For example, a woman as a Sheila-na-gig or a man as a satyr or any pagan sexual ritual such as those of Wicca, India or Japan. But a photo of two or more people simply f***ing for the sake of public sex is probably not appropriate for this site.
  2. Stories and poetry of a fictional or true event is acceptable but if you have to resort to the usual three lines of "ooooohhhhh" or "aaarrrggghhhh, I'm cominggggggg..." then I suggest that you take a writing course. I'm interested in quality erotica, not graphic porn that can be found on any other site.
I am the webmaster who, despite being a witch, a Gardnerian and a HP, am still Irish and so subject to all the sexual repressions that were programmed into my genes and upbringing. In other words, I'm a prude who still wears pajamas to bed and so have little imagination in these matters. This means that I am the final say and you have to convince me!
I do send stories to an ex-gf who is better qualified than am I to decided cheap porn or good erotica! I listen to her advice because why hire a trusted advisor if I am unwilling to trust her advice?

Now for the requirements.
Any text should be sent to me at .
And because e-mail crashes occasionally (more often when you have an ex who has friends who know more about computers than you do), please snail-mail me a hard copy to:

Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

I do have a decent scanner and so can easily scan in the photos and art and do a cut-and-paste to fit the page.
Finally, I NEED the permission of the author and of anyone in the photos if they can be identified. This means a legal name though I will give credit in whatever name you wish on the 'netí.

And the FINAL WARNING- This area will range from the subtle to the graphically pornographic. If this offends you, may I once again suggest that you either visit the Disney site where you can see Porky Pig doing the first fully nude shower scene in movie history or, preferably, just turn your computer off and read a good book.

Blessed Be

To phone me or to drop by my place....
... unless you are a very attractive redhead* with chocolate, a bottle of decent wine, a deep dish pizza (with sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms) and a wicked sense of humor with an aggressive and imaginative sexuality, good luck.... but what the hey, try anyway. As I get older, my standards change and am now accepting blondes.

*ok, it's been awhile since I dated ... I'll let other women try as well.
To contact me or to request topics to be covered, send to
by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

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